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We believe that the “Secret Formula” for a creating, and becoming, a big Company is the combination of 3 critical success factors – Solving a painful problem, A kick-Ass team and constant interaction with and listen to the customers. These are Rentse foundations!

If you are an inexperience professional (e.g, Lawyer, Architect, Designer, Psychologist, Accountant etc.), self employed, a small enterprise or member of a really cool start-up (Like us…), you know how hard it can be to find an ideal place and environment for your business needs, one which is affordable and flexible. Working in a coffee shop or from your couch in your PJ’s can be fun (at least for a while… believe us, we know), but distractions and solitude keeps you from being really productive. As a start-up we know what it is like to be with a tight budget and how much its important to lower the cost of starting a business and avoiding entrance into a long term lease/commitment on a large property. All these individuals or small enterprises wants a place that is affordable, flexible and that will allow them to interact with like-minded individuals or businesses. That’s exactly where Rentse kicks in!

Rentse is a global b-2-b short-term rental marketplace for commercial and co-working spaces. Its enable its users to rent an affordable meeting room, private office, a desk in a co-working space, presentation location etc. (by the hour, day, week or month). Basically, eliminates the headache of having to rent commercial spaces, and minimize your cost, so that you can focus on building their business. Rentse providing its users with the amazing opportunity to meet, mingle, and network with innovative companies, professionals and entrepreneurs, that share the same desire for serious work.  At the same time, Owners are provided with an opportunity to generate extra income (which they really need…) from their under used properties/spaces. By using its own developed technological algorithm, Rentse matches between business needs (considering among others, the business type, working sector and size of the business) and the ideal working Spaces.

Rentse customer support representatives will guide and assist its users throughout the whole process of leveling up and starting their business

Our Winning Team

In a nutshell, we are a very Matured and Experienced team, we have an Interdisciplinary knowledge and We’re all Team players. Rentse founders has prior (super needed) experience in launching start ups and creating a strong and reliable community. We did it before and we’ll do again!.

Rentse Co-Founders:

avishaAvishay Ben Zaken
Co-founder and CEO. Avishay drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways for businesses to monetize their unused commercial spaces. Moreover, Avishay leads the product team in creating meaningful experiences through intuitive design, and oversees Rentse’s brand and product development. Avishay Holds L.L.B and B.A (Business Administration) degrees from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzeliya. Avishay served as an Intelligence Officer commanding, among others, investigation teams at the Israeli Intelligence forces.


aaronAharon AmramCo-founder and CTO. Aharon oversees the technical strategy of the company, and is dedicated to building a team of world-class engineers to keep Rentse at the forefront of the industry. Aharon is a highly experienced start-up oriented software developer focused on front-end and back-end infrastructures, integration of client and server side technologies and best-practices led UI implementation. Aharon holds a B.SC degree in Computer Science (specializing in information security and databases). Aharon served in the intelligence Unit 8200 and held several engineering positions before becoming Rentse CTO.


odedOded ShaashouaCo-founder and CMO.  Oded Develop and execute Marketing plans Develop strategies and initiatives for social media content on all platforms, Create, target, and segment marketing plans and communications. Before Rentse becoming CMO Oded was iSea's (the Israel leading surfing App) CMO. During his work at iSea, Oded has successfully created a reliable community with a very strong community ties. In addition, Oded managed to increase iSea’s exposures from few hundreds and thousands of exposures per month to an average 200,000 exposures per month, using only social viral growth channels. Oded is a former professional basketball player at the Israeli Super League.Even outside of the basketball court, Oded always strives for excellence, professionalism, leadership and team work.

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