Why I think you need to make mistakes every day and how I believe you should deal with them.

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As a professional athlete I know that when you arrive for a game with the mindset that mistakes are not an option you’ll end up  playing the game passively. This attitude in fact stops you from pushing harder. On the flipside, when you go onto the floor with the approach of “let’s play” and if mistakes happen I know I did my best, you’ll have a much more successful game. This confidence will have you trying every option possible to win.

I approach business the same way . You have to check yourself from time to time and make sure you’re not playing a “safe game.” Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they’re natural and you learn from them. Always start your day with the right mindset, to come, play and win.

Now that we’ve establish mistakes are ok, it is important to recognize the big secret to this. It’s not that you should come and make mistakes, everybody can do that. What you want to pay attention to is how you deal with your mistakes. Most of us are very hard on ourselves, so after our first mistake we think twice about our next move. The great people don’t pay to much attention to their mistakes, within minutes they’ve forgotten about them and have continued forward with their plan. Of course, they’ll learn from these mistakes, but they don’t hold them back and they continue to believe in themselves.

You see, it's a numbers thing. I believe that if you make a lot of actions and you keep your confidence high you end up doing more good actions and you will really play to WIN!

So, if there is something that you want to do and you don't know where to start my best advice is just go for it. This way you can get the ball rolling and see where you need to improve. You can’t make a basket if you won’t shoot the ball.

So shoot!

Make as many mistakes as you can and believe in yourself and your vision and keep playing.

I promise you, in the end you’ll win the game.

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What is the cost of a bad meeting?


As a businessman who is constantly on the move or perhaps a freelancer, we are forced to meet clients in a variety of places such as noisy coffee shops, boring hotel lobbies or even a traditional office.

In these situations it doesn’t matter how professional you are, if your client hears three 15 year old girls screaming in the back of the Starbucks you’re conducting your meeting in, business may not go the way you want it to go.

Once you’ve established that a public space like a coffee shop won’t work, what will you turn to next? Perhaps a hotel lobby, or a hotel conference room? Dagmar, a well-traveled business women says, “It’s uninspiring, boring and immediately forces the meeting to become very formal.”

Everybody knows that in order to have a successful meeting, one that you can call great, you have to prepare for it properly. This covers every detail from the agenda down to the location. What people don’t always realize is that the location should not be overlooked! Sometimes the location is more important than what is said and directly impacts whether you close a deal.

So, the price of a meeting in a bad environment can be huge! It can result in you losing your clients, losing the deal and in the worst-case scenario losing your job. We could be talking about thousands of euros, or even millions!

This is particularly important for companies that have sales people. Don’t send your employees to meet clients at Starbucks, this is disrespecting your employees and your clients.

Make sure that your meetings are getting scheduled to take place in inspiring places that will show your clients that you invested in them. It will also allow for your employees to be more focused on closing the deal.

So, I’m not saying you must book a meeting room for every meeting, but you should know that there always are alternatives. You can choose where you want to have a meeting based on your needs, and you can book online (via Rentse) a meeting room that can potentially be a game changer for your business.

I hope you’ve found this valuable and I would love to hear what you think.

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