You make more money co-working

co working

So, why 50% of the people who works from co-working spaces report of a better income than working from home and cafe shops?

entrepreneur and freelancer that tried coworking spaces find themselves working harder and better.

first, they starting to take themselves seriously and trying to make their money worth. they are more focus on their work and goals.

Second, " seeing all this small companies and individuals working hard to build their businesses was very inspiring for me. I Immediately raise my working standards and worked much harder than I used to." says Itay Aviam CO-Founder and CTO of iSea app

Third, freelancer that used to work from home and cafe shops and started to work from co-working spaces said that their networks and collaboration skills have soared. It helped them to generate more leads and more traffic to their business.

Have another great stories from co-working spaces?

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